IC1396, the Elephant's Trunk, 20 light years long and 3000 light years away in Cepheus
Barnard 252, the Dolphin Nebula, silhouetted by a sea of colorful stars in Scorpius
IC 5146, the red nebula, has a tail that is Barnard 168 in the Cygnus constellation
LDN 1495, dark and reflection nebulae 500 light years away in Taurus
IC434, the Horsehead Nebula, 1600 light years away in Orion
Bernes 149, the blue reflection nebula, in the Lupus 3 dark nebula in Scorpius
Barnard 104, the Checkmark Nebula, a dust cloud of star formation 3 light years wide
Barnard 35 - The reddish arc shape is LBN 878, and the tiny yellow arc-shaped reflection nebula is GN 05.42.6
Barnard 142, the E Nebula, twice the width of our full moon in the Aquila constellation
Barnard 72, several light years wide and over 600 light years away in the Ophiuchus constellation
Barnard 343, an island of darkness in the Gamma Cygni Complex of clouds 2000 light years away
LDN 673, comprised of many dark nebulae 600 light years away in Aquila
Barnard 147, a pointy dark nebula in a sea of colorful gas emissions in Cygnus
Barnard 150, the Seahorse Nebula, located 1200 light years away in Cepheus
Barnard 75, a semi-circle of dust in a dense starfield in Ophiuchus
NGC 1999, the Keyhole Nebula, 1500 light years away in Orion
Barnard 312, an angular dark nebula in front of a dense star field in Scutum
LDN 1251, a star forming dark nebula in Libra
Barnard 174, an interesting dark nebula in Cepheus
LDN 1622, a cometary cloud 500 light years away in Orion
LDN 778, a meteor-shaped dark nebula in the constellation of Vulpecula
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