The Stairway to Heaven Trio captures 3 edge-on large galaxies in close proximity
Abell S373 is a cluster of 500 galaxies, many circled here, located 65 million LYs away in Fornax
M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy, passing in front of the smaller galaxy NGC 5195 on the right.
The Leo Triplet captures 3 fascinating galaxies located 35 million LYs away.
Arp 286 is a trio of galaxies located 80 million LYs away in Virgo
NGC 7331 is the largest galaxy here, with many smaller ones above
Arp 319, known as Stephan's Quintet for its discoverer of these 4 galaxies, is seen each year as the "talking angels" in the opening sequence of "It's a Wondeful Life"
This trio of Leo galaxies is unusual because each one is a distinctly different structural type
Hickson 61, also known as The Box, is located in Coma Berenices. The 3 smaller yellow galaxies are much further away than the blue one.
Abell 426 is a galaxy cluster 200 million LYs away in Perseus. This view is 10 million LYs wide.
This trio of galaxies in Coma Berenices lies at different distances - the top 2 at 40 million LYs and the bottom one at 200 million LYs.
M81 (Bdoe's Galaxy) is upper right and M82 (Cigar Galaxy, with reddish star formation region) is lower left
Markarian's Chain is named after its discoverer and contains many beautiful galaxies in Virgo
The Draco Galaxy Trio each have different structures. The top right galaxy is much smaller and closer.
Seyfert's Sextet, named after its discoverer, is one of the densest galaxy clusters known
Hickson 10 is a group of 3 galaxies located 200 million light years away in Andromeda
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