M20 is named the Trifid Nebula for the way the red emission region is divided into sections by dust lanes
NGC 1499, the California Nebula, is a 100 light year long emission nebula located 1500 LY away in the Perseus
Sh2-254 is rarely imaged despite having a unique structure
NGC 2327, the Seagull Nebula, contains many star clusters and emission nebulae in its span of 100 LYs.
OU4, a recently discovered oxygen nebula with SH2-129 in the backgound
NGC 2024, the Flame Nebula, is beautiful but is usually overshadowed (literally) by the bright star Alnitak just off image to the top.
IC405, the beautifully textured Flaming Star Nebula located 1500 LY away in Auriga
NGC 2264, containing the Christmas Tree cluster and the Cone Nebula both towards the bottom
Simeis 57, the Propeller Nebula, is point symmetric but it is not clear how it was formed
Sh2-155 is named the Cave Nebula for the bright feature in the lower left corner.
Sh2-302 is lovingly referred to as the Snowman Nebula and is one of my favorite obscure objects
This feature is nicknamed the Dark Tower of Scorpius, sounding more sinister than it appears to be
Sh2-15 is a beautiful yet obscure object - this is the first image of this object on the worldwide database
Sh2-170, a beautiful unnamed object in Cassiopeia
Cederblad 51 is a rarely imaged area which I find fascinating for its complexity
NGC 6334, the Cat's Paw Nebula, 5500 light years away in Scorpius
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