M106, located 20 million LY away in Canes Venatici
M94, the only galaxy I know with 6 distinct regions, all outstanding in detail
Arp 214, 50 million LY away in Ursa Major, severely twisted from interaction with its neighbor.
NGC 5128, with its fascinating wide dust lane surrounding the core
NGC 5746, an edge-on galaxy with a boxy shaped barred core
NGC 4214, a dwarf irregular galaxy only 10 million LY away in Canes Venatici
NGC 5033, with colorful dust lane and star cluster structures
M31, the famous Andromeda galaxy, our neighbor at 2.5 million LY away.
IC10, a dim irregular dwarf galaxy only 2 million LY away in Cassiopeia.
NGC 891, the Outer Limits galaxy, seen in the credits of that TV show
M77, a face-on spiral galaxy with a bright barred core located 50 million LY away in Cetus.
NGC 1055, containing a prominent central star cloud bulge
NGC 918, 60 million LY away and passing through galactic cirrus in Aries
Arp 18, a deformed spiral galaxy 50 million LY away in Ursa Major.
NGC 2683, an edge galaxy with interesting arm structure and dust lanes
M101, the Pinwheel Galaxy, much larger than our Milky Way and containing over 1 trillion stars
NGC 3184, with unusually kinked galaxy arms and many star clusters
NGC 3521, with a large star cloud bulge and a hexagon shaped mid-region disk
NGC 210, containing interesting disk color and structure, including tiny background galaxies
NGC 1530 in Camelopardalis, containing a complex core structure and color
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