M78, a beautiful series of reflection nebulae located 1600 LYs away in Orion
IC2118, the WItchhead Nebula, located 900 LYs away in Eridanus
NGC 2261, Hubble's Variable Nebula, changes shapes over just a few years due to the changing cloud shadows of the bright star
NGC 1333,a complex star formation dust cloud 1100 LYs away in Perseus, with red emission outflows from newly born stars
vdB 141 is part of a series of ghostly reflection nebulae that truly look like ghosts
vdB 150 is the part of the wonderful Shark Nebula compex in Cepheus
vdB 152, called Wolf's Cave for its discoverer, looks more like a version of Casper the ghost flying through space
vdB 126, the Loch Ness Dark Nebula, is located in a dense star field in Vulpecula
vdB 31, looking like a superhero backbird flying over, passes directly overhead in the December sky in Auriga
vdB 105 is part of the beautiful Rho Ophiuchius Nebula Complex, located 400 LYs away
IC 426, a 2 light year long reflection nebula located 1300 LYs away in Oggrion, illuminated by the middle star of Orion's Belt (off image).
vdB 7 and vdB 9 are the two bright reflection nebulae, balancing by the two odd clusters of dark nebula
IC447 in Monoceros, showing bright blue reflection nebulae and several dark nebula
NGC 2170, the Angel Nebula 2400 LYs away in Monoceros, contains 4 bright reflection nebula and several reddish emission patches
LBN 437, the Gecko Nebula, located 2000 LYs away in Lacerta
vdB 13 and vdB 16, together with a series of dark nebulae that look like a standing person, is 1000 LYs away in Aries
LBN 468, a V shaped series of connected dark nebula located 1500 LYs away in Cepheus
NGC 1555 is a wonderfully complex series of reflection nebula, dark nebula, and newply born stars just 400 LYs away in Taurus
IC4594, the Blue Horsehead Nebula, located 400 LYs away in Scorpius
LBN777, the Baby Eagle Nebula, located 400 LYs away in Taurus
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